Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moose Knuckled Under

ESPN reports that Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina will retire. He gets his 20-win season and calls it quits, no doubt whining about something when making his decision.

Is he a HOFer? No Cy Young Awards. No ERA titles. Never the best pitcher in the league in any given year. Only one 20-win season, despite playing on good teams for most of his career.

Verdict: Stewed.

Hahahaha - sank you, I be here all da veek.


Warm Apple Pie said...

Always thought he was a drip. Now he's soup.

Could end up at Shea Stadium (I mean Citi Field, aka, Henry Paulson Park)

Defective Pants said...

And what part of "Mussina is retiring" gives you the impression that he could end up in Queens? Is it the retiring part? Because that would mean you understand things in the opposite.

Warm Apple Pie said...

That's where old, washed up pitchers go to die - Flushing.

That's what he meant by retirement. Retirement = pitching poorly for the Mets.

Very rarely I thank God that I'm a Texas Rangers fan. But when the Mets shackle themselves to a 40 years, 8 trillion dollar for the Mutha Humpin' Moose, I will say a quiet amen and kiss my David Clyde picture.