Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Supervillian Genius Criminal Mastermind

Nobel Prize-laureate, Rhodes Scholar, MENSA member and embattled NY Giants wide-receiver, Plaxico Burress remains in the news three weeks after the bizarre incident in a New York City nightclub in which he accidentally shot himself in the thigh with a .40 Glock handgun. Local New Jersey police entered his home yesterday to execute a search warrant and found a trove of unusual items. Specifically, police found:
  • One 9mm handgun
  • A rifle A "small cache" of ammo for .380, .45. and .40 caliber guns
  • A suitcase full of money
  • A pair of blood-soaked jeans
It's kind of remarkable. Not really because of the weapons and ammo and stuff, or the suitcase full of money, but look at the last item: blood-soaked jeans. Now, maybe you're asking yourself, what is surprising about a guy who just shot himself in the leg having a pair of blood-soaked jeans? But then you remember that Plax was wearing sweats at tha club....

Here's some important gun-handling tips from Plax himself

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