Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nothing Fair About The Fairness Doctrine

Foreboding words from Senator Stabenow. The resurrection of the Fairness Doctrine may be more than a Republican circle meme:

If Obama doesn't vehemently oppose these shenanigans by the Democratic senators, he loses my vote in 2012. This is a deal breaker issue for me. Fortunately, as of today, Obama is on the right side of the debate.

There is nothing fair about the Fairness Doctrine.

You know why Air America and liberal talk radio (liberal news mediums in general for that matter) do not work? Because no one listens. Liberals and independents don't need a radio caller, nor do they congregate in partisan audience enclaves to heed the call - they are comfortable in their own skin (pock-marked and boil-laden skin to some) and do not worship at one media church. Neocons, however, flock to the minstrel song of Rush and O'Reilly because they are scared of the coming liberal world (so they've been told). That's why the Factor always has 3 million viewers and wins the ratings war each night - 3 million Republican ninnies. CNN shows get about 1.5 million comprised of an eclectic mix from all political ideologies.

With that said, Fox News should be the "number one name in cable news" because they get the most viewers and, in turn, get the most ad buyers and generate the most ad revenue. Same applies to conservative radio and, simply put, conservative broadcasters are profitable. Liberal broadcasters are not. Period. That's how the free market of ideas works. And there are myriad outlets in all forms of media for the hardened liberal audience member to get his or her fill (Huffington Post, Salon, Slate, MSNBC, Maddow, New York Times, etc., etc., etc.).

Any attempt by the Democrats to infect conservative talk radio with their message and break up the rightist listening block is not about fairness, it's about ideological autocracy; a democratic party hellbent on 50 years of liberal rule (same mistake Rove made coming into 2001, partisan hubris run amuck).

Deal breaker. Obama supports the fairness doctrine or fresh nomenclature describing this disbanded principle, I'm off the team.

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